Monday, May 31, 2010


well, here it is monday and i am feeling all better! except i ate too much!

we hosted the memorial day cook out here at the hellhole. bilbo managed to get the yard mowed amidst several rain showers and the rain held out while we grilled. luckily, we had planned to eat inside, though!

the menu was:

hot wings
bacon jack onion burgers
tomato pasta salad
green beans
corn on the cob
olives and pickles
and two desserts-
banana blueberry crunch cake
mocha pudding trifle (mmmmmmmmmmmm!)

mom and dad came, and elle, kaye and kaye's boyfriend. there was a lotta eating and a lotta laughing. t.willie was his usual entertaining self!

a good time was had by we remembered and gave our silent thanks for those that have given their lives for our freedom. hope your memorial day was as full and meaningful.

*please click on over to pioneer woman's blog to check out all her reader's wonderful, emotional military coming home pictures. have a tissue handy...
(above image taken by missfranciepants for pw photo assignment)

grateful for:
1. our country, our freedom
2. good food, good family times
3. the chance to miss t.w. some this weekend while he was away with his mom :)

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  1. And I'm grateful I got to partake of the above menu. Yummy!!

    Let freedom ring, thanx to all of our military...