Thursday, May 13, 2010


ah, prom night...everything seems so special! you search for the perfect dress, the perfect shoes, the perfect accessories and, of course, the perfect date!

some of you may not know that bilbo baggins and i are high school sweethearts, now married 27 years. our senior year was in 1981. we had been going out since the year before, with a couple minor break-ups, and so senior prom was a given.

but if i had not already had the perfect date, i do have some alternates that would have worked.

here in descending order:
alternate #10 christian bale- totally LOVED him in "little women"

#9 dermot mulroney- especially in "my best friend's wedding"

#8 christopher o'donnell- oh yeah, his role in "three musketeers" was adorable!

#7 matthew mcconaughey- in ANYTHING! (or nothing!)

#6 antonio banderas- "zorro" never had it so good!

#5 john cusack- love him in "high fidelity". and he just seems so nice!

#4 sean astin- OMG!! he was the cutest hobbit EVER!!!

#3 aidan quinn- drooled over him in "practical magic" (and he's irish!)

#2 *a tie with #1- johnny depp- captain jack sparrow...need i say more?!

he deserves two pictures!
and #1 (tied with johnny) steve martin- yes, had i not hooked up with bilbo, steve and i would be together now!

stayed tuned tomorrow for the BIG prom week finale!!

1. that it's not a crime to dream
2. that reality can be just as good, if not better
3. that my dating days are OVER!!
(but we can still go out friday night, bilbo!)


  1. Actually, I think you made the right choice when you chose bb... but, jd SURE is nice to look at!!

  2. Well, it seems that your mom agrees with your choice(s) adn she knows bb.. Fun post, it seems as if you have good taste, all the way around..

  3. You had the perfect date - but where's the PHOTO?

    PS - Stave Martin!??