Thursday, May 20, 2010

jillian michaels wants YOU!

so, okay, i admit it, i don't really know who jillian michaels is. yeah, i know she's some fitness celebrity who trains the biggest losers. but i have never actually seen her, as i do not watch tv and i am NOT a loser!! hahaha

what i DO know is, that i am tired of her pointing finger popping up at me from various websites!

hey, i'm a big girl, i know how to navigate if i want to buy a wii program. i do not need some ridiculously fit woman to jump out at me and scare me into exercising!

alright, now that i think about it, maybe i do. i mean, i DO own a wii and it has been at my daughter's house for several months now. and i would like to lose some weight and get fit...but, hey! no! still, i hate those freakin' pop-ups on websites, that's my point...i think...
and speaking of points, yeah, her pointing finger just makes me feel singled out! like she's saying "hey, you! loser! get away from that computer and exercise!" that's all i'm saying...

so, yeah, you- miss jillian, hasn't your mom ever told you, it's not nice to point?!!

(jillian michaels fitness ultimatum 2010 $19.99)

1. that my daughter, elle, lives so close (but not too close!)
2. that spaghetti is just as good as a leftover
3. that t.willie has turned the corner in his potty training--woo hoo, dry undies all day today!
(him, not me...well, me too!)

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  1. Besides being fabulous, Jillian also has some super-popular DVD workouts. The most popular one (by my own account) is the 30-Day Shred. I hear it's really intense (as in, something my downstairs neighbors would probably not appreciate). But only $9! Maybe we should go for it!