Tuesday, June 1, 2010

oh yeah, i remember...

...why i call this the hellhole...

early this morning, the phone rang and i flew out of bed to answer it. as i stood in the kitchen talking, i turned towards the living room and saw several mounds of dog poop and next to it, two spots of "something else". OMG! not this again. so i hung up the phone and put the dog outside. on my way back in, i noticed a couple spots of cat puke on the dining room rug...oh yeah, happy june first...to me!!

so, once i cleaned up ALL the messes, i got t.willie up and fed him. the rest of my morning went okay. after lunch, i attempted to get t.w. to take a nap. he did stay in his bed for about 45 minutes, all the while singing and banging and pulling apart his bedding.

i let him back up but made him play in his room for awhile. he absolutely tore his room apart! every single toy came out of his toy box and he pulled all his jackets down from the closet. but he was happy and not bothering me, so i let it go. but the afternoon dragged on and he became whiny and bratty and basically NOT fun.

after eating a big supper, t.w. perked up and cheered up. we settled down to watch "riverdance", one of my favorite videos. as the dancers lined up and did their first step dance, t.willie was mesmerized. this was not the first time he had seen this, but he was younger and didn't pay much attention to it before this. he got all excited and started doing his own version of irish step dancing along with the dancers for the entire length of the dance. it was very very cute!

it pretty much made up for his behavior earlier in the day...man, i love that kid!!

1. for yesterday's leftovers!
2. for all the rain (i guess) since we will probably not have enough later this summer
3. for 2 1/2 year old step dancers


  1. Oh, it brings back so many memories of my little dyl.

  2. He is looking very much like a little boy instead of a baby. What a little cutie!