Monday, May 30, 2011

happy MAY-MORIAL day!!

highlights of the month of may in pictures-

t.willie in the back yard

t.w's croc stuck fast in the mud from SO.MUCH.RAIN!

first sprinkler fun of the season
still more rain...

chocolate cupcakes

some unexpected cold weather
and t.w. gets a hold of my camera..."say cheese gammie"

a goofy boy
the sign at t.willie's preschool (church) ha!
elle baking for a bake sale
me baking for the wedding (see last post)
mom's pond
t.w's last day of preschool
and the "forget-me-not" pot we made for his teacher
gettin silly on the porch

this cat loves this boy (and vice versa)

fresh blueberry rum lemonade :)
learning new tricks
hanging in the "hangnick"

helping pop mow...sorta
first time in the pool this season
the end

grateful for a great month.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"bout time!

hello. my brother, rich, recently got married, in front of the courthouse in town. we had a reception party at my parent's house on saturday, two days later. his new wife, mary, had been his girlfriend for some few years, so it was about time!!
saturday was a beautiful, warm (ok, hot) day, perfect for an outside shindig. my mom made some salads and fixed a cold cut platter. mary made italian sausages and onions and peppers. and i made fruit skewers and two kinds of cupcakes- tiramisu and chocolate oreo. we had a pretty good spread!
the party was attended by about 23 close family members...close, as in here in tennessee!  we had set up three small tables on mom's porch as well as the big picnic table and another table on the deck. mom had asked me to come up with some simple decorations, as she knows i like to do crafty things. i made three doily garlands and a (coffee filter) flower garland. for the dessert table, i brought my two cupcake towers and made a cake banner. i also shirred natural colored paper streamers with my sewing machine.

 mom had the great idea to present mary and rich with a shower of cards. we put them into a pretty tabletop greenhouse that i had. they received about 25 cards. it took them quite a while to open and read each one.

 it was a very nice occasion and i wish the newly weds the best of everything. welcome to our crazy family, mary!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

not a laughing matter ?

t.w.'s preschool held their end-of-year program. he sat and yawned through most of it, while the other children stood and sang and did all the hand motions. later, on the way home, we realized he had been getting sick. i apologize for the quality of these pics, bad lighting and zoom lens is to blame. enjoy anyway...

here he is...still standing.
now, he's down and doing some open-close leg action.
about to try a somersault here...
 it looks like blake is about to go also!
yup, there he goes!
and finally, receiving his faux diploma from his teacher-the courageous and valiant miss fannie. (get that kid off the stage!) seriously, the other parents(and teachers) may have thought he was a distraction, but we thought it was pretty funny! wish we had a video.

grateful for:
1. fresh cut grass
2. honeysuckle
3. freshly washed little boys