Tuesday, May 4, 2010

it IS easy being green!

as i have gotten older (and wiser?) , i have become more and more aware of my responsibilities. yeah, i know, as if i am like, sooo mature! but i do try. for instance, i keep tabs on my family's health and diet and try to steer them (and myself) to better choices.

and part of this "older and wiser responsibility" thing has been a heightened awareness of the planet's health problems. one of my pet peeves is the overuse of buzz words, my parents have even started recycling and i have said in the past, that i don't have the time and/or the space to keep recyclables around.

i know, i know (as i am ducking down, covering my head in self-protection)!! it's a cop-out...lazy and irresponsible.

so, recently, kaye brought home a copy of "the green book: the everyday guide to saving the planet one simple step at a time". i had been mentioning to her that i was trying to become more "green" and self-aware about my burden to the planet.

as i was reading the book, i realized that, although, we, as a household have not started recycling yet, we were actually doing some helpful things already. such as: we have been replacing burned out light bulbs with compact fluorescent ones. i already do take short showers. i have been weaning us off of using so many paper plates, and i have also been buying the paper towels that tear off in smaller sheets, so we use less. yes, i know, we should be weaned off them, also! one thing at a time, which is what this great little book is all about.

"the green book" is a quick read but it has a lot of simple, useful suggestions for reducing your "carbon footprint". did you know that it is better to wash your car at the car wash than at home? if you keep your microwave clean, it maximizes its energy? that answering machines are a big energy guzzler? who knew?!

so i have checked off some ideas in the book that i feel i can handle. but there is one i wish i could do, but can't--"cover your pool when you aren't using it..." i would, but sadly, i don't have a pool!

anyway, get yourself a copy of this book, better yet, borrow it from the library! it is interesting reading and makes a lot of sense.

the green book by elizabeth rogers & thomas m. kostigen

grateful that:
1. i can do my part to help the earth
2. there is cheesecake in my fridge
3. that t.willie is out with his mom right now...whew!

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  1. A responsibility we all share... I try and do my part, but know I can do so much more.
    Thanx for the wake-up call!!