Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

phlegm, you are no friend of mine!

how did that title reach out and grab ya??!! you may have noticed i have not posted in several days, well, i have been siiiiiick! t.w. had gotten a cold and shared it with me (see, he has learned to share!). it turned into a sinus infection and as, you may have guessed, phlegm has been my constant companion! when i was thinking about my hoarse, croaky voice, it reminded me of that episode of "friends" where phoebe had a cold and thought her phlegm-riddled voice sounded sexy. so, here are some clips from that episode. enjoy!

grateful today:
1. that it's just a sinus infection and not something worse
2. that the recent tornado that touched down a couple miles from our house, missed our house!
3. that ants are the worse problem at the hellhole right now, considering the whole japan mess

Saturday, March 19, 2011

twenty-eight years and many of them happy!

image circa 1981

how awesome is that picture?! we don't still look like that. but yesterday, march 18th, marked the date of our 28th anniversary. wedding anniversary, that is. bilbo and i. together for 28 years. and if you add the three years we were together before we got hitched, well, that's a looooong time!

but i still love the dude and, amazingly, he still loves me! we celebrated by dining out at olive garden, or as i like to call it- "the garden of eatin' ". oh it was soooo good! here was our menu:

we were served a glass of reisling 
then the stuffed mushrooms came along

then salad and bread

then our entrees were served- seafood portofino for my honey

 and ravioli de portobello for me

 OH, it was so good!!!! we were very full at this point, even though we had both managed to save half of our entrees for lunch today. we wanted something sweet (and who wouldn't?!), so we decided on coffee and this

 well, actually, you get three of these, your choice. they were quite yummy too. so we rolled home and undid our pants and agreed that was a great way to celebrate ALL our many years together. let's hope there are many more, cuz i can't wait for all those dinners!!!

very grateful for:
1. my ole hubby
2. good health
3. many reasons to be happy
* all food images, except for the wine glass, courtesy of olive garden restaurant*

Monday, March 14, 2011

good laughternoon!!

time for some funny...

so, as you might know, i am stuck with lucky enough to have my 3 yr old grandson living with me. he had been a perfect dream child up until he turned three. since then, he hath turneth rotten!! stubborn and strong-willed, he is a real trial for my hubby and i. however, the one saving grace he has (besides being adorable) is that he is very funny. here are some examples...enjoy:

looking up at the ceiling fan turning- "that's 'mazing!! how it do that? how it get up there?"

me- "wanna share some cake with me?"
him- yes! good idea!!

i yelled at him for crawling around on the floor and messing up piles(of books and junk). he said " i'm just trying to make myself comfortable."

as i was driving him to preschool i said "have fun at school, okay?" he answered " thanks."

i was watching him put his sneakers on by himself one morning and he told me "don't you keep yer eye on me!"

me- "do you have to go potty again?"
him- with a big sigh he said "i suppose so."

i fixed him a quesadilla for lunch one day. he sat there messing around and not eating. i told him he needed to eat so he could grow big and strong. he picked at it for a few minutes then finally told me "i'm not gonna eat my deesa quea."

and finally-
yesterday while he was coloring with his crayons, he took one and made a blue streak across the carpet. he boldly told me what he'd done, because he was being a stinker and trying to get my attention. i yelled at him, smacked him and took his crayons away. he was crying and carrying on and sobbed " but gammie, crayons are really fascinating!"

grateful today:
1. that 3 yr olds turn four
2. that oxi clean gets crayon out of carpet
3. that it's almost corned beef day! (aka st. patrick's day)

Friday, March 11, 2011

but seriously, folks...

i've just learned about this beautiful woman's predicament. this photo was taken on layla's wedding day, in happier times. since then, she has been inundated with health issues and is in need of some medical procedures to assess her current condition. but without insurance, she will not get the medical attention she needs. i do not know her, but how awful to have to live with such pain and see no hope in sight. this website, Operation Layla, is a place where other bloggers and blog readers can donate money to help. please consider helping if you can. thanks...joanne

click on title or image to go to the website.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

*marching right along*

well, here it is only march 8th and we have already had a couple special occasions  here at the ole hellhole. on saturday, we had a very short birthday party (those of you who were here, just nod and agree) for the six year old daughter of a friend. i made chocolate cupcakes with pale green frosting. tinkerbell picks, which i made at the last minute were on top of a few. and since the whole shindig was planned at the last minute, that was my only choice!they were yummy.

then on sunday, i baked a mardi gras cake for another friend's business party.i will not call it a king cake, since it wasn't actually one, just a bundt cake with the pretty sugar. i had to make the purple sugar since i only had the yellow and green. i had never actually made my own colored sugar before, in fact, had never even thought about making it before. but i was at a blog recently where she suggested you could actually do that and i was like "hey, make my own colored sugar? what a brilliant concept! my life as i know it, will never be the same!" so after my first attempt using regular food color-which made more of a grayish purple (ew!), i tried my gel food color, which actually had a purple. that one made a very purty shade of purple-yay!!  that cake was yummy too.

so now we are coming up on st. patrick's day, the 17th and mine and bilbo's wedding anniversary, the 18th. if you have been reading this blog for a year now, then you already know of this family's fondness for corned beef and cabbage.  

the traditional dinner will once again be served but we will have some dinner guests who have never had it before. (we're secretly hoping they don't like it, cuz then it's MORE FOR US!!) and i have a dessert planned that i'm hoping will top last year's rainbow cake. it is my own amazing creation so you know ya wanna see it!! i will be sure to take lots of pictures and bore all of you with them here. stay tuned folks...

grateful today:
1. for peace and quiet
2. for mary, our computer genius (forgot to say that last time!)
3. for kaye and t.willie reading in the next room

Thursday, March 3, 2011

recovering from a virus

just been resting and taking it easy after the virus this past week.

 oh, not me, my computer!! yeah, apparently, my computer had a virus. but my friend, mary is a genius with computer viruses. so we are up and running again after just a short down time.

it's times like this that remind me how much i love my computer. i know, i know- can a person really love their computer? well, i am here to tell you, that, yes, yes they can!! my computer and i have had many wonderful adventures together. such as:

i remember back when bilbo and i were on the south beach diet, computer and i made many searches for menus, recipes and guidelines. then there was the time i was really interested in herbs, we did much research together. and, another time, i was heavily into downloading fonts (okay, i am still a font fanatic!). computer and i also search for recipes, music, quotes, exercise and other tips. and the amount of time we spend looking at crafts and decorating sites is very very numerous!

oh, the fun times we have had! so many memories! i am happy and grateful to have my computer back and feeling well again. i hope you and your computer are doing fine also...

here's a face for ya:

 have a splendiferous weekends folks!