Monday, May 3, 2010


some of you may have noticed my lack of a blog post this past friday. well, the truth of the matter is...i was ill, sick, afflicted, ailing, infirm, peaked, and, as they say here in the south, i was feelin' puny!

yeah, so what's a blogger to do? i didn't have any ideas on the back burner and was too unwell to write something quickly. so the result was NOTHING!! i am sorry and i will try not to let it happen again!

i am feeling better today and i'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that my mother, aka my lil darlin', has left the state!! hahaha hohoho oh, sorry mom, couldn't resist!!!

no folks, my dear mother has gone to my sister's (aka sisboombah!) for my niece's graduation from college.

yay kaye2!! atta girl!

we have had another beautiful day after ALL the rain this weekend. too much rain, terrible flooding in the nashville area. watching the news footage was shocking, so much water in the wrong places! just heartbreaking...

t.willie was pretty well behaved today. however, he does seem to be outgrowing naps, even though he very badly needs them! and so do i! but at least he takes a nap sometimes !

welp, that's all i have for ya tonight, gotta go watch the newest episode of army wives (online, that is). i love that show!

happy monday!

1. that my weekend of ill-health is over
2. that the sun will be shining for several days before more rain
3. that t.w. didn't make me yell too much today!


  1. Grateful that I can read your blog each day and laugh and smile...
    And, mummy dearest is SUCH a loving term! :)

  2. Tips to napping = can you say niquel smoothie!!!! Just kidding of course!