Wednesday, May 12, 2010

PROM-ise to freak you out!!!

to continue everything prom week here at the hellhole, i will re-visit the movie "grease". now, i know there isn't a prom, per se, but there is a high school dance and i say same difference!

i'm sure you all know the story of sandy and danny and about the ups and downs, the highs and lows of their complicated high school romance. but behind the scenes, standing RIGHT behind sandy, actually, are the "pink ladies", the cool chick gang of the school. and their fearless, sassy leader is none other than "rizzo". she's tough, she's loose, she don't take no crap from nobody!

oh yeah, riz gets sandy to try a cigarette for the first time, she fools around on her boyfriend, she thinks she may be pregnant...she's just plain bad news, is what she is!!!

so, thinking about grease and rizzo and the year the movie depicted, 1958, i got to thinking about my parents. if my calculations are correct(and they seldom are), my mom's senior year was 1958. huh, freaky! but, wait, it gets freakier!!!

i hear you saying, "tell me more! tell me more!!" okay, i will!

here is my mom's senior prom pic (that's my dad, too):

here is a pic of stockard channing, who played rizzo:

and here is a pic of her and her guy at the dance:

let's look at mom and dad again:

here's rizzo:

here's mom:(check out the hair!)

they have the EXACT same hair!!! now, i'm by no means implying that my mother's teen antics were anything like rizzo's, but the hair is the same, the flower on the right side of the dress is the same...i'm just saying!!

and is it just me, or does rizzo's guy look JUST like my dad???
freaky? scary? you better believe it is!!! but there's more.....

the high school where these greasy kids go, is called "rydell high".
get this... my mom's maiden name was RYDELL!!!!

i kid you not! now, that's freaky!!

1. that my folks have managed to keep each other around ALL these years!
2. that i finally, at 10:27 pm, got this posted!
3. that t.willie is able to enjoy excellent great-grandparents


  1. OMG!! :)

    Actually, it WAS 1958!!!!!

  2. Freaky! Who are those children? :)

  3. Oh, This is fabulous! Love this post and seeing Suz at the Prom!!!