Monday, May 24, 2010

he *ROCKS* those undies!

big news! big news! t.willie has been spending all of his waking hours in undies! yes, the diapers are on their way out, i am so glad! it has not been easy, as he couldn't care less if he was wet or dry, but i have pushed and prodded and bribed and nagged and he has responded...YAY!

just check him out with his "tar", he IS a rock star!

so grateful:
1. for my new new blender that makes delicious smoothies with the press of a button
2. for all the fresh produce that has been cheap lately
3. for that boy and diapers going the way of the dinosaur-HUZZAH! tee hee hee


  1. What a stud muffin! And he is rockin that'll have to beat the girls off of him!

  2. A rock star, for sure!!! He's really feelin' those tunes...

  3. LOL - that picture is too cute! My little brother used to run around in his Underoos. One birthday he got a Superman cape and Superman undies. He stripped down immediately and put on the Underoos and cape and tore up and down the street for at least 15 minutes. He even slept in the getup that night. (That boy still ain't right ;) )