Friday, May 14, 2010

as PROM-ised!!!

who are these adorable kids all dressed up for senior prom??

oh, you may have guessed, it's bilbo and me back in 1981. i think bilbo was rockin a tom cruise vibe there, don't ya think?! and me, well i sure don't remember those glasses being that BIG!! and the farrah-esque hair flip, very 80's!

oh, we had fun that night. i remember dancing a lot. bilbo was such an enthusiastic dancer that he was voted best dancer and was given a cute little plastic trophy! after the prom, we went out with some friends. later, us and another couple ended up at the beach and we made out in the sand at the water's edge. we didn't get home til the morning. ah yes, that was a great night!

so great, in fact, that i decided to keep that stud muffin around, so i married him! hahaha, that was for you, lor!

just look at the devotion on bilbo's face!

i remember my dad taking the pictures and making me laugh. he does stuff like that, he's trouble! so, this wraps up "everything prom" week. i hope ya had fun and that it brought back good memories of your own proms or teen dances.

follow this link to watch a beautiful video of our class of 81 prom theme song

1. that i married my prom date
2. that i stuck with him through thick and thin
3. that we won't have to deal with high school proms again for a looong time!


  1. WOW!! I forgot he was SO cute!

    Loved all 5 of your prom week blogs. You sure know how to tell a story and bring back memories...

  2. Thank you! Closure is a wonderful thing.
    PS - Thick and thin - LOL!

  3. you two sure looked nice... makes me wish i ha had a prom to go too!! i think i'm gonna be a prom queen for halloween!!