Wednesday, May 19, 2010

same old, same old

this has been just another day in a long line of days, or perhaps a long line of daze. i get up, i feed animals, people, myself. i clean up from animals, people, myself. i read email, newsletters, recipes. then it is time for another meal, another clean-up....over and over, everyday. it's boring, in fact, i'm boring myself right now!

the high point of my day is getting a high score on my handheld yahtzee game. (537, in case you're wondering!) yeah, and i keep it in the bathroom to play while i'm on the...well, you know...! between potty-training t.willie and my peanut-sized bladder, it seems like i spend my whole day in there! good thing i have a game to play!!

on days like this, when t.w. doesn't nap, it seems like the afternoon just drags on and on. but, never fear, summer is almost here! then i'll have to deal with the tedium AND the heat and humidity, mosquitoes, slugs, filling the wading pool, emptying the wading pool.....

i can't wait.

grateful anyway:
1. for the chance to be bored since a lot of people have too much to do
2. for having people and animals in my life whom i love
3. for good company in the bathroom!

1 comment:

  1. Some days are like that.
    And sometimes they are the good ones. No crisis, no trauma, no major mess...