Wednesday, May 26, 2010

them damn skeeters

our home, the hellhole, is in a low part of our county. this means that, when we get a lot of rain, our yard floods pretty badly. we are used to it, we've been living here FOREVER! but in the last few years, we have noticed that it seems like some areas of the yard never quite dry out. as a result, we get a lot of moss and a lot of moss-quitoes.

now, moss, i don't mind. it's pretty and green and soft, but mosquitoes are another thing! this time of year is when they start getting bad. (as if a mosquito is ever good!) we can't sit out on the porch or in the yard without getting eaten alive. it's not even safe to go to the mailbox!!

poor t.willie seems to be their favorite white meat! he went out back to bring in a toy the other day, was only out there three minutes and he came in with two big ole red bites! they really swell up on him, it's very impressive. and last evening, he was bitten on his head, at the exact spot where his hair whorls out! the one good thing is, the bites don't seem to bother him at all, he never scratches at them.

last year, bilbo and i went online to search for ideas for how to rid the yard of the critters. what we decided to try was a garlic based repellent. now, i gotta tell ya, i LOVE the smell of fresh garlic cooking, but this stuff...not so much! it is a garlic concentrate that you mix with water and spray all over your yard. it is supposed to kill the mosquito eggs and larvae by suffocating them and repel the live ones.

last year, we didn't think we noticed much of a difference. bilbo sprayed a few nights ago, and i still think it's not working. so, okay, back to the internet. does anyone know of a solution we could try? PLEASE let me know, those skeeters are really BUGGING us!!

1. for my soft dog under my feet
2. kaye's box of junior mints (shh, don't tell!)
3. for a day spent with t.w.watching him in his wading pool


  1. Kathy says this is the stuff:
    ortho mosquito b gon

    Try it.

  2. mosquito's don't bother me!!! so i dunno what to tell ya...

  3. We have only seen a couple around here in Cherry Creek (TN) Thank God. I hate mosquitoes too!!! Mom and Dad have a zillion. The live in the U.P. of Michigan. I have heard that Avon's Skin-so-Soft works well. Bilbo probably wouldn't like it.