Monday, May 10, 2010

everything PROM week

let's talk molly ringwald. i know, i know, some of you may hate her. some may be saying molly who? some of you may be saying "man, i love me some molly hatchet!" but i gotta say, back in the 80's, i was a molly ringwald fan.

oh, to have that curly red hair! but really, i want to talk about her movies, in particular, "pretty in pink". i still love that movie! her relationship with her deadbeat dad, her relationship with duckie (jon cryer of "two and half men" fame), her relationship with clothes, and then in the end, where she gets the cute, rich guy...and the kiss! oh, teen angst was never so good!

in honor of molly and this movie and for the start of "everything prom week", here are some pink prom dresses that are sure to WOW!!

exhibit #1 the cute, sweet dress

exhibit #2 a little less cute, a little less sweet

exhibit #3 the perfect cinderella dress

exhibit #4 the YIKES! dress

exhibit #5 the fiddle-dee-dee-tara-is-burnin' dress

exhibit #6 the every mother's nightmare dress (is that charo?!)

and here's molly....classic!!

1. that my prom/teen days are over!
2. that i can relive it in the comfort of my living room, thanks to molly
3. that t.willie's teen days are faaaaaar down the road!!


  1. Prom. Brings back long-ago memories...

    Great pink dress collection!!

  2. i wish i had had a prom to go too!! i would have done exhibit 4 or 6!!!