Monday, May 17, 2010

those were the days

i remember way, way back in the good old days, back before t.willie learned how to crawl, when life was good. when all we had to worry about was how many toes he could get into his mouth...

yeah, that was not bad at all. then there was the time when he discovered books. oh, he devoured them!

yeah, well, those days are SO over! one day last week, he was a little hellion all day. finally, i told him he had to stay in his room and play while i went and recovered on the couch. all was fine for a while until i heard the bathroom door shut. i got up, went down the hallway and opened the bathroom door to find.....t.w. at the sink sucking down his toothpaste from the tube!!!!!

unfortunately, i don't have a picture of that, since he was mightily and speedily sent back to his room!

oh, for the good old days.............

1. that having lots of rain can sometimes result in a rainbow afterward
2. and also, in plants growing quickly
3. that a sense of humor can save the day


  1. Those WERE the days! I remember thinking that there had never been a baby SO good and so precious. He's still precious, but good...not so much. LOL

  2. Ah, toes, quite tasty. But, books, devouring books, a good habit. One he comes by naturally, I would think.