Wednesday, May 5, 2010

the kitchen help

we do not have any kind of television dish or cable service. we have a blue screen unless we choose to watch a dvd or video. (yes, we still have videos! don't judge!) t.willie has many children's dvds and videos.there are the favorites that he watches over and over...and over and over....these include disney sing-alongs, "kipper the dog" and "spot".

the very favorite of the three are the "spot" videos. i don't know why, because i find them sooooo slow and boring! but when, t.w. watches spot, he seems to be studying EVERYTHING spot does!! now, spot is a preschooler puppy and so, i guess, someone for t.w. to look up to.

well, one day recently, he was watching the episode where spot goes to visit his grandma and helps her do chores around the house. he helps dust, vacuum, mop, sweep and wash dishes. all things any grandma would want help with...providing it was really help!

i wasn't really paying attention to the movie and didn't realize that my activities were mirroring, more or less, spot's grandma's. i generally put a movie on for t.willie while i clean up and this was just another day of the routine.

but, this time, when i went to use the vacuum, t.w. had a minor fit saying "my job, my job!!" i didn't think much about it, as he thinks every job is his job! then, when i was at the sink filling it for washing up the plastics and pots, here he was again. as he was dragging the stool over, he was begging "wanna wash da dishes! i doin' it!"

so, what could i do, i gave him the bottle brush/scrubber and showed him what to do. (i'm thoughtful that way and he deserved it!) he was very serious as he swirled the brush around and around the dishes. at one point, he looked up at me with the sweetest smile and said, "just like spot!" and then it hit me! he was copying his hero spot!! i answered that, yes, he was a good helper, just like spot.

now, of course, the novelty has worn off a little. but he still wants to wash dishes every now and then, he picks up his things most of the time, he loves to sweep and he feels it is his duty to dry off the table after i wipe it.

t.willie is every grandma's dream helper...and he's so cute!

grateful today:
1. for my hubby who buys me dirt and peat moss and plants, oh my!
2. for that and so much more
2. for my little helper


  1. This is too adorable! Now you just need to show him a video about doing laundry and cooking dinner and you'll be all set ;)

    Oh, and, I still have vhs tapes around my house too. They're vintage!

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  3. I used to have a little helper, too, who ironed all my hankies. :)
    (excuse the above comment; I was logged in as Lor)

  4. Do you have "Rescuers Down Under"? That was Ethan's favorite - he still refers to his favorite parts of that movie.

  5. aurorafedora, you are now one of my homepages. right after gmail and facebook.
    You're 1st 3rd. almost as good as 1st 2nd.