Monday, March 1, 2010

what's not to celebrate?!

i ran across this website today that listed some interesting holidays. some were dedicated to an illness or disease but others were a little more unusual.

as i read the list, i had to laugh because some seemed to cancel each other out. for example, march is "national eye donor" month, but it is also "save your vision" month! so, ok, do we donate our eyes or do we save them?

yet, others seemed to be partners. i thought "music in our schools" and "international listening awareness" month went hand in hand nicely.

then there were the ones which had me scratching my head, for example- "national on-hold" month...what the ...?! and i bet you were not aware that march is also "national umbrella" month! start planning those parties, folks!

then i saw that it was "international ideas" month and also "national caffeine awareness" month. i thought, i need the caffeine to generate all those ideas! but once i have all the ideas, then i can celebrate march's "optimism" month. and with all that optimism, i can then honor "international expect success" month.

with all the great ideas, optimism and success, i can't help but feel happy about march being "humorists are artists" month! and with all that recognition, i can finally celebrate it also being "international mirth" month!!

as a reward for my month being so fruitful, i think i will get myself a guinea pig because march is also "adopt a rescued guinea pig" month! so with there being so many ways to celebrate and enjoy this month, you have no excuse not to get out there and rejoice!

grateful today:
1. for my computer
2. that i heard one of my fave songs on pandora
3. that t.willie took a loooong nap

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  1. Hmmm... Evidently March is just one big celebration, so Let's Party!!!