Thursday, March 25, 2010

snapshots of my day

the coffee

the cat

the dishes

the bucket of kid

the laundry

the snake in the dishdrainer
(okay, it wasn't real!)

the lunch

the dog

the tent

the end..........i'm pooped!

i know, this was kinda lame, but stay tuned, tomorrow's post will be a doozy!!

1. for soft, spinning desk chairs-weeeeeeeee!
2. for sun after rain, and then more sun after more rain, etc.
3. t.willie has his "pop" back home for a few days


  1. Phew!! Your day is sure full! Love the cat in the basket and the kid in the bucket!! And, I wish MY lunches were as fun as t-willie's...

  2. Hahaha, I love those plastic snakes, they look so real. Many devious possibilities. But, in your case - aren't there REAL snakes to worry about?