Friday, March 26, 2010


hello dear readers! back on march 16th, i asked for some suggestions of topics, as i was having a bout of "blogger's block" that night. five or six of you responded and i've compiled a list of your suggestions. they are as follows:

a) microquasars in relation to astrophysics of black holes
b) anything but ants
c) eliminating a herd of tiny mice
d) the beach
e) snacking-sweet vs salty (?! really?!)
f) how to age gracefully
g) smiling when you don't mean it ( i am a whiz at that one!)
h) southern charm vs jersey charm
i) what happens when you talk politics with others ( me personally??)
j) what part of mars are they from, really (again, me personally??)

stand back! because in this one amazing blog post, i will attempt to satisfy all your propositions. goes...

i read in the news recently, that scientists who study microquasars in relation to the astrophysics of black holes have found that the resultant blasts of radio-emitting gases are shown to obliterate both ants and herds of tiny mice! now i find that to be quite useful information. not because i still have ants despite the best efforts of my ex-hero justin-the-exterminator, ( i'm not going to talk about that), but because, on the northern part of mars where i was born, we have herds of large, mice-sized ants! yes, the possibilities are astounding!

now, as i sat on the beach pondering this new bit of scientific data, my ice cream fell into my bag of pretzels. "sonofabitch!! ", i uttered, which is an expression more indicative of my jersey upbringing than of the southern state in which i currently find myself. but, as a test, i decided to just taste the salty-sweet mixture. "well, i swan!!, i demurely stated. that is a pretty tasty snack!

i continued reading while scooping up ice cream with pretzel after pretzel, and there, in bold print, was the headline-

"doctors find eating diets high in salty-sweet foods halts the signs of aging!"

"HOLY MOTHER OF ELVIS!!!" what a providential discovery, considering my new favorite snack food.

ta da!!!!!!
and i bet you thought i couldn't do it!!!
what? what's that, you say? i forgot the part about discussing politics??
uh, no i didn't. if you know anything about me at all, you'd know this...

I DON"T DISCUSS POLITICS!!! (she says while smiling)

(above image courtesy of the international space art network)

grateful today that i managed to fit all that into one post! :)


  1. What a multi-faceted blogger you are turning out to be.

  2. Hahahahahahaha!! No one but you! You are truly amazing! Must be that Mars, Jersey, southern upbringing...

  3. "HOLY MOTHER OF ELVIS!!!" ???? I've not come upon that in Jersey or the south......but I like it! Great post!