Friday, March 5, 2010

these two

a boy and his dog. what could be more iconically american? this boy and this dog had a rocky start. buster was used to being "top dog" (pardon the pun) until t.willie came along. he was extremely interested in that new little bundle of joy in the household, but he wasn't sure he was gonna like it!

things were okay for awhile...until t.willie started to crawl. oh, the places he would go; mostly to anywhere buster was! the poor dog would just get up and move, but before he could settle down and get comfy, here came that baby again! after a few minutes, we'd take pity on buster and put t.willie in his walker or swing. you could almost hear the sigh of relief from the dog!

as time went by, t.willie started walking and became a REAL headache for ol' buster. he would get agitated whenever the kid got too close and sometimes he'd even growl to give warning. we would try to explain to t.willie that buster was afraid of him. trying to keep the two apart was nearly impossible! if t.willie was playing on the floor, buster would have to get in his face to sniff and lick him. if buster was resting, t.willie would have to go bother him. we'd have to take turns yelling at first one, then the other! it was exhausting!

and now, as t.willie is about to turn two and a half, they seek out each others company and the two have become real friends. t.willie looks for buster first thing after i open his door in the morning and the dog is always right behind me waiting to go in. they happily greet each other through the rails of the crib, ready to start another day together.

i'm grateful:
1. that some folks did notice my lack of a post last night! thanks guys! (you like me! you really like me!!)
2. for my hubby-you know who you are! hahaha
3. that my dog and my grandest grandson are friends