Monday, March 8, 2010

LOOK! up in the sky!

sometimes i wish i had superpowers! especially after days like today. i had so much to do, as i am preparing for my new hero, justin-the-exterminator, who is coming on friday. bilbo is out of town for the next four days and kaye is working both jobs today- meaning, i won't see her again til tomorrow morning. meaning- i am doing all the cleaning and moving furniture myself!

so, yeah, super STRENGTH would be a good superpower, but that's not the one i want. of course, if i were able to leap large piles of laundry in a single bound, that would be AWESOME! but, that's not the one i want. and to have the strength to move rooms full of toys with only my mind, EXCELLENT!! but, again, not the superpower i dream of.

the superpower i am wishing for is the power to transcend aches and pain and weariness...and do it with a smile! t.willie, the little darlin', did not nap again today. which means, i did not have those three hours to myself, to recharge and do some of the chores i need to do. i have to be "on" non-stop with him, as you do with any active toddler. his sweetness and humor keep me going for awhile, but when the drowsies kick in at about one in the afternoon, all i want to do is collapse on my bed and rest. it only takes twenty minutes or so of silence and inactivity to recharge and then i can carry on. yet, if the kid no take no nap, i no get no peace! then i'm just dragging for the rest of the day and it aint a pretty sight!

so, after a loooooong day spent washing dishes, vacuuming, reading kiddie books, laundry, fixing meals, singing kiddie songs, shopping and watching kiddie movies, i am DONE! actually, now i'm thinking that the superpower i really need is the one that erases all the memory of the dreariness and drudgery and leaves only the ones of sweetness and humor. yeah, i could live with that!

grateful that:
1. the weather was GOR-GEE-US today!!
2. my refrigerator is full
3. he's finally in bed...ASLEEP!!!!!


  1. But, you do have super are Aunt Favorite! You have the power to change whiny, cranky, obnoxious children into laughing, happy obnoxious children. And I thank for that.

  2. Not so easy the second time around, is it?? T-Willie is SO blessed to have you for his gammy. Two and half years have flown by; half-way to kindergarten. :)
    Your superpower is unconditional love...