Monday, March 15, 2010

green me up, scotty!

many of you may not know a deep down dirty secret of mine- that i was irish in a past life! oh, ok, maybe not, but i do love all things irish, like:

the dance
the music
the food
ha! just a bit o' the blarney!

the homes
the myths
and the land
what i am not too keen on is the...
yeah, the drinking, although i bet irish pubs are a lotta fun!

anyway, that is a wee bit about me that you might not have known.
so kiss me, i may have been irish!!!

grateful for:
1. all things irish
2. antacids
3. a little boy who says things that crack me up


  1. I WANNA BE IRISH TOO!!! best irish movies; roan inish and boondock saints 1 & 2 (if there are more, i don't know them)

  2. Aye, my lassie! I always suspected as much...