Friday, March 12, 2010

fah-get-a-bout-it friday

ever have one of those weeks that just seem to have a life of their own? well, i have them a lot!

this week has been a whirlwind of cleaning and shifting junk from one pile to another or from one room to another. then there was the moving of furniture from one place to another then back again, all in the preparation for "THE ROYAL EXTERMINATION!" yeah, i really gotta get rid of LOTS of stuff! it's times like this that help you see just how much junk you have. too much, too much!!

also, having a two year old and ALL of their belongings living in the hellhole with three adults doesn't help! i had to pile a bunch of t.willie's bigger toys into his crib so justin-the-exterminator, my new hero, could get in and around his room. t.w. just climbed right in with all the toys and got quite comfy!

the cats didn't know what to think with everything in the house shoved all around. they didn't know to be afraid or curious, so they took turns sniffing around and then running under the beds. well, all except for this bad boy!(see image above) he just hung out on the bed and took it easy! yeah, at 16 pounds, midnight doesn't move more than he has to! (and i know how he feels!)

anyway, the week is over, the dreaded ants are dying as we speak. if all goes well, maybe i won't bore you with any more ant tales for awhile! ya'll have a great weekend........

1. that the week is over
2. that my house is cleaner and neater
3. that t.willie takes life in stride

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  1. Well, Justin has gone on his way, and hopefully, so have your ants...
    Amazes me that no matter how tired and harried you are, your writing can always make me laugh, or at least smile. You have a gift!!