Wednesday, March 31, 2010

some easter time fun

okay, kids, here is some easter fun for you!
today we shall do an easter mad lib with the lyrics to "here comes peter cottontail." so put on your thinking caps, this is going to be FUN! just use the hints to fill in ANY word you wish!
let's go!

Here comes a fictional rabbit in the works of Thornton Burgess

Movin’ quickly from one place to another down the bunny trail,

Hippity hoppity, Christian celebration of the Resurrection of Christ ‘s on its way;

Bringing every a youthful female person and a youthful male person

A the quantity contained in a basket of Easter joy;

Things to make your Easter emitting or reflecting light readily and someone who practices homosexuality

He's got a type of confectionery that comes in many different flavors in a bean shape for Tommy;

Colored oval reproductive body of a fowl for sister Sue;

There's an any epiphytic plant of the family Orchidaceae, usually having showy flowers

for your informal for female person who has borne children

And an Easter a hat, usually tying under the chin and often framing the face too. Oh!

Here comes noun Slang: Vulgar. penis. Cottontail;

Hoppin' down the informal. a rabbit, esp. a small or young one. trail;

Hippity hoppity Happy Easter Day.

as an added bonus, you may click on the image to print out and color !


1. that i finally got this posted (it was a lotta work!)

2. that ...........i don't know, i'm too tired to think.....

3. that's it, i'm just grateful!