Friday, February 26, 2010

winter-the good, the bad & the snuggly

ok, i have to get this out right now- i hate summer. i hate the heat, the humidity, the bathing suits and the bugs. i do not hate winter. but i don't LOVE everything about it either.

what i do enjoy about the winter season is the cooler temps. i don't mind the cold as long as i am dressed appropriately and don't have to be outside too long! and i love the snow!

i like the bare, starkness of the trees; to see the black silhouettes against a late afternoon sky.

i like to keep my bird feeders full and watch the many birds from my cozy living room.

and speaking of cozy, i really like fleece blankets and fleece jackets! warm pajamas, warm slippers, mittens, scarves- i guess i just like the clothing of winter, too.

we enjoy all the soups and stews i make during the winter months. add a loaf of warm bread and it's a meal that can't be beat.

i love starting off my mornings with a big mug of hot coffee. i like hot tea and hot chocolate, as well. there's just something about a warm drink that is so comforting.

now what i don't like about winter is the darkness. all the gray, gloomy days really bring me down. i need SUN!

i don't like how the grass and flowers die off. everything becomes all one color- i hate that.

i don't like that bilbo has to leave the house in the cold and dark. i know i would hate that myself.

i don't like that i always seem to put on a few winter pounds. but then, i have too many opportunities to eat and not enough to exercise!

i have to say, the good outweighs the bad and after the winter, it's spring-YAY!

grateful that:
1. spring is coming
2. the sun is shining
3. t.willie will be potty-trained soon!


  1. I think you said it all... It's spring and fall for me, too.

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  3. forget winter, forget spring!!! summer and fall is all we need (and only fall for my b-day o'course!!!)