Monday, March 29, 2010

march- in like a lion...

...and out like a tiger!
or some other equally wild animal...yeah, this has been no "out like a lamb" weather. what we have had is WIND- rain and wind, sun and wind, wind and wind! i am not a fan of windy weather. we are NOT buddies. (however, i have been known to break wind at times!) (just kidding!) (no i'm not!)
so, that age-old expression had gotten me thinking; why a lion and a lamb? why did they use animals? why, indeed! so i made a list of some other possibilities to describe the typical march weather.

MARCH-in like a grizzly, out like a duck
MARCH-in like a bull, out like a kitten
MARCH- in like a barracuda, out like a guppy

and why use animals? here are other ideas:
MARCH- in like a freight train, out like a volkswagen
MARCH- in like a monsoon, out like a shower
MARCH- in like a cactus, out like a dandelion
MARCH- in like a belly dance, out like a box step
MARCH- in like a jalopeno, out like a cucumber

well, there you are, some alternatives to the famous adage. i hope you like them and i encourage you to come up with a few of your own. post them to the comments, i'd love to read them!!
happy spring!

grateful for:
1. cereal and milk for supper (no dishes, no clean-up)
2. forsythia
3. blue eyed, blonde haired boys


  1. You made me laugh again... Thanx!

    March-in like a Venus flytrap, out like an African violet

    March-in like an AK-47, out like a cap gun

    I don't think I'm very good at this...

  2. Here ya go:
    March- in like the old Ozzy Osborne - out like the new Ozzy Osborne

  3. I think Fisheye gets the prize for this one!! I am tired of being COLD and feeling the cold wind on my back. By the way AF, why does your name remind me of BEWITCHED??

  4. suzula, great ones! fisheye, also excellent!
    nutcracker, you are confusing me with my sister, endorafedora!!!