Tuesday, March 23, 2010

wash day woes: part deux

all righty, yesterday i explained how my old washing machine likes to travel around my laundry room. today, i would like to talk about LINT. yes, lint.

two weeks ago, i made the mistake of laundering a purple fleece throw blanket. it was used by t.willie this winter when the car took too long to warm up. now, we have a few other fleece throws, and i have not had problems with them. they have been well behaved all around. but, when i opened the lid to the washer that day, i was faced with a horror of purple fuzz like you've never seen! as i gingerly pulled out each item of clothing, i would give it a few vigorous shakes to clear off some of the lint. the floor was soon looking like barney the purple dinosaur had just shed his winter coat! there were several things that i just didn't have the nerve to put in the dryer, feeling that they would leave too much lint themselves. i knew i would be re-washing those and as for the "evil purple blanket", i didn't know if washing it again would help it or cause it to disintegrate completely!

so, after that dryer load came out, i emptied the lint trap. now, i have read about some frugal women who use their dryer lint to fill homemade pillows and such. well let me tell ya, they could have used this batch as a blanket, maybe, or even as a pillow itself! (see photo)

as i started folding the clothes, i realized that the dread purple fuzz was going to be with us for a long time. many items still had lint stubbornly clinging to them. even now, two weeks later, we are still picking up purple fuzz off the carpet and occasionally, off the shirts we are wearing!

here are other photos of the disaster (you may click to enlarge):

this poor shirt here was the targeted victim, i think!

so, just as i am recovering from the fleece blanket incident, i opened the washer yesterday to find that a tissue had apparently "gone off" in there! i don't think i can deal................!

grateful today:
1. that jelly beans are easy to come by
2. that i found an exact match to my chipped microwave turntable at goodwill...for $2.99
3. that t.w is right now napping, allowing me to post this so early in the day!


  1. What can I say? I'm speechless...
    Only you can find humor in purple lint.
    Amusing post, as usual, and I'm grateful for the ease of obtaining jelly beans, too!

  2. ah purple lint.... what can one say really?