Thursday, March 18, 2010


i do remember meeting a cute boy in junior year of high school.

i do remember winking at him on the school bus.

i do remember writing an embarrassingly sappy letter to my sister regarding the boy i was dating, who i was crazy about.

i do remember that boy joining the navy in senior year.

i do remember being mad at him because it meant he would be gone for six long years.

i do remember making up and him asking me to marry him.

i do remember being a navy wife and raising two girls.

i do remember moving our girls and our stuff a few times.

i do remember highs and lows, good times and bad times.

i do believe that after 27 years, i would marry him again.

happy anniversary bilbo baggins!!! "i'm still love you!" (this is not a typo!)

grateful that:
1. i winked at that boy in high school
2. i married that boy
3. the boy and i are now grandparents together