Tuesday, March 2, 2010

secret fantasies

i bought a new night gown the other day. it wasn't much, a cheap cotton thing from the dollar store. as i was cutting off the tag, i happened to read it."secret fantasies", it said. ha! good one! this is a long, ankle length gown with 3/4 sleeves and a high v neck. i mean, it's no granny gown but it isn't a black lace teddy either! and as i am a 47 year old woman, about 15 pounds overweight who's been married for EVER, i am not really dressing to thrill!

i asked bilbo, "does this night gown inspire secret fantasies in you?" he said, "uh, not really".

yeah, what i thought. seriously, who names these companies? they sell items at cheap dollar stores, for goodness sakes. why don't they have a company name like "sub-standard clothing co." or "good enough apparel"?!

because, i gotta tell ya, my secret fantasies center around chocolate!

grateful today that:
1. we are not in haiti or chile
2. i made meat loaf tonight so i can have a meatloaf sandwich tomorrow
3. skinny boy, t.willie gained a pound- he tops out at 26 pounds!

1 comment:

  1. hahahahaha... Just checked out the tag in my long flannel granny gown--- "Secret Treasures"
    Believe me, the treasures it conceals need to be kept secret!
    Just keep writing and I'll just keep laughing. Deal??