Thursday, March 11, 2010

candy too cute to eat

i know, it's a little early to talk easter yet, but i just had to share this "find" with you all.

t.w and i were cruising the easter candy aisle at wal-mart a few days ago. you may not know this but, easter candy now comes in coordinating colors. like, if you wanna do a pink basket, you can get all pink candy. or if you wanna do all blue, they have the same candy, but all blue! now, i don't know anyone who would be that psycho to color coordinate an easter basket, except maybe my mother! but, anyway, there were all the usual suspects...marshmallow peeps, jelly beans of every color and flavor, chocolate bunnies, chocolate eggs, cadbury eggs, malted milk eggs, etc.

so i was checking out the candy and t.w was checking out the stuffed bunnies and such, when i saw these- the cutest darn gummie animals i have ever seen!!! i just had to pick up a box and get a closer look; they're so detailed. and, of course, they had a box in each of the colors available!

well, i picked up these two boxes, a green and a yellow. but i may just go back and get a blue box because i am PSYCHO for them!!! so run to wal-mart and get yours while they last! they are almost too cute to eat, but if t.willie is lucky, i may even share them with him!!!

1. bilbo is back home
2. justin-the-exterminator is coming in the morning-die ants, die!!!
3. that t.willie has started to sing along with me, it melts my heart!


  1. Definitely sweet!! And what exactly is wrong with a color coordinated Easter basket???