Monday, February 15, 2010

ode to a two year old

it has been a trying last two days, since the dear boy has chosen not to nap.
tonight, i am inspired to write a poem. here goes:

i think that i shall never see
this little boy live to be three

if tomorrow, he does not take a nap
i might be inclined to give him a slap...

nah! too harsh! let me try again...

there once was a boy from nantucket...
no, no...wait, i'm thinking...

um...... ok, i know

But sweet, what brat through my nerves he breaks?
It is my sanity, and t.willie is the son.

Arise, fair son, and sleep when next it's noon,

Who is already sick and pale with grief
That thou, his gammie, art far more gone than he.

huh, huh? not bad, eh?!
here's another:

my nerves are frazzled
i'm out of my head
i've had enough
i'm off to bed

good night :)

tonight, grateful for:
1. spice gum drops
2. daughter #1 and her addiction to disney musicals
3. the absolute cutenosity ( i just made that term up!) of naughty two year olds


  1. If I just read your blog every morning, I am sure to have a WONDERFUL day...
    You are awesome, and should be published!!