Monday, February 22, 2010

music to my ears

every mom wants her children to be healthy and happy. sometimes they are both, sometimes they are just one of the two. my oldest daughter, we will call her "kaye", is seldom either of the two. this breaks my heart and tears my gizzards up inside. of course, if she were healthier, she would presumably, be happier. i try to do what i can for her but i am not a doctor, nor do i play one on tv! so, it is always a thrill to me when i hear her sounding happy.
we are big fans of musicals- broadway, off-broadway, cumberland county playhouse or even disney! recently, on a trip to goodwill (not to be confused with a good will trip), kaye found a video of the musical "joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat." this is a long-standing family favorite and we couldn't wait to play it!
so that night, the fam gathered 'round to watch, donny osmond in the lead part of joseph. we all know the lyrics, we all sang along, we all enjoyed it immensely.
later, i decided to search for "joseph" songs online at , the online radio site. well, not only did i find those songs, but also other broadway musical songs and also many disney songs. when i heard kaye happily singing along, belting it out, i had to smile...real big! i had no idea she knew so many of the disney songs, her enthusiasm was contagious! i had to sing along too and so did t.willie, who, at 2, does not even know the words!
now, when i see that kaye is feeling down and unwell, i just casually turn on the joseph site i created on pandora, and her mood is sure to lift. just hearing her sing, is music to my ears.

oops! forgot to be grateful:
1. for digital cameras
2. winter is almost over
3. kids and dogs

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