Wednesday, February 17, 2010

she calls

the youngest child of my loins, who i shall call "elle", is a writer. she writes and writes- all the time. everywhere. in notebooks, on receipt paper at work, on napkins, on whatever is at hand. so what i'm saying is...she writes! as a result of all this writing, she also THINKS a lot about writing. she thinks a lot about her stories- who, what, where, etc., etc. and as a result of all her thinking, i get some really interesting phone calls. a few years ago, she was heavily into the harry potter books. she was a fan and a fan-atic!! ya dig? although she loved j.k. rowling's writing and her books, elle decided it would be cool to write her OWN harry potter book, continuing the series. she had quite a good story started and it actually sounded a lot like rowling's books. but she had a lot of ideas that she needed help with. so, here are some examples of those interesting calls:

ring ring(pretending phones still sound like that)


she-i'm working on my book and i'm at the part where ron and harry are in potions class and so what i need is for you to come up with a good potion that harry would easily get mixed up and hermione could straighten out.

she-and also, can you think of any names that would be good for hermione to call malfoy and his friends?


or something like this:

ring ring


she-mom! i need you to come up with about three or four joke toys that fred and george might have in their shop.

me-um......ok, um.........

she-what might be a good name for a muggle who is part greek and part german?

me-hello, hello.....i can't hear you, you're breaking up..........


and more recently, she has been working on a story about these girls with super powers. so here is an example of one of the calls about that:

ring ring


she-so, ok, i've got five girls and they each have a different power corresponding to an earth element. i already have earth, air, fire and water. what can a super power be that corresponds with spirit? and i've made a time-line for each of their lives, but if someone was around in the 70's, would they still be blah blah blah some confusing question..............

yeah, the gal keeps me on my toes! and i do sometimes come up with an idea or two!
she is so imaginative, sometimes in a little world all her own! i really do believe she will be a published writer some day and when she does, i'll be right here, ready to answer the phone!

so grateful for:
1. daughters who are writers
2. daughters who make me a grandma
3. grandsons

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  1. Love elle's questions and especially your amazing answers!! :)