Monday, February 8, 2010

why "hellhole" you ask??

So, ok, here is a day in the life of me:

Get up, go into hallway toward bathroom. Immediately notice two fresh spots that look suspiciously like cat puke. Ah! It IS cat puke. Great! So then, I go into the bathroom and almost step into a fresh pile of cat POOP! WHY ME???? I scoop it up with t.p. and dump it into the toilet (yes, I know that cat doo-doo is a no-no for the septic system, but do ya blame me??!) so then I use a disinfecting wipe to clean the floor. I go back out into the hallway and clean that mess up with paper towels, then use a brush, soap and water. All this and I still haven’t gotten to pee yet!! I do THAT and wash my hands REAL good!

Now I go into the kitchen and am greeted by the dog and the retarded cat. I am putting my shoes on to take the dog out but realize I am hearing what sounds suspiciously like a dog barfing. (yes, cats puke, dogs barf!) so I race toward him, pleading for him not to mess the carpet, but to move onto the tile floor. I tug on his collar and get him to the tile WHILE he is barfing. LOVELY, I hear you say! Yeah, so I drag him out to his tie-out chain and go back inside. The mess is waiting for me and as I am cussing under my breath and considering a good cry, I hear my two year old grandson calling me. All this, and I have only been up for 15 minutes! Welcome to the HELLHOLE friends!

today's gratitude list:

1. grateful for the roof over my head

2. grateful for the retarded cat and dog

3. grateful for my grandson, who shall be known henceforth as "t.willie"


  1. what about being grateful for a daughter that moved out, thus being one less person to take care of?!! i love you mom!

  2. LOL Now I will have something every day to be grateful for; you and your ability to keep me laughing...

  3. I bet you're grateful for paper towels!

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