Thursday, February 18, 2010

all the little women

have you seen the movie "little women" starring susan sarandon and winona ryder? at the beginning, the gals are gathering around the breakfast table and they are lamenting the hard times the family is experiencing. then each girl names an item they want for christmas, and amy says wistfully, "i'm desperate for drawing pencils." and shortly after when they begrudgingly give their breakfast away to that poor family, she says "i am a selfish girl."
well, after reading the amazing book "three cups of tea" by
greg mortenson, i, too, feel like a selfish girl. it is the unbelievable true tale of greg's adventure as an ex-mountain climber in pakistan. he falls down a steep mountain after helping to rescue another climber and ends up lost and exhausted in a remote village. his tale tells of how the village takes him in and nurses him back to health. after seeing the conditions of the children's "school"- a bare patch of ground, he promises to come back from america and build them a school. with no money, home or transportation, the challenges and hardships greg goes through to build that school makes me feel so lucky. he dedicates his life to the education of pakistani children- especially girls, the "little women."
go out today and get this book- from a library, a bookstore or someone's home book collection! you will appreciate what we have as americans, however selfish we may be! (oh, and rent "little women", also!)

grateful for:
1. flavored coffee
2. basset hound ears
3. t.willie's laugh


  1. Greg's life was changed forever by his experiences, and yours may be, too, by reading this book... Thanx for letting others know about this amazing book!!

  2. actually amy says that as they are all gathered around the window drooling over laurie. amy wants drawing pencils, beth wanted "the war to end so father could come home", then one of the girls says "we all want that", and beth amended that she wanted laurie's piano. as for "i'm a selfish girl", amy says that after they read the letter from their father.
    they give the breakfast away after hannah announces that marmie has gone to help the german family. "humble the boy said, six children about to issue another. not a bit english, or a scrap of wood for the fire."

  3. This book has been on my must read list for some time! I actually got it as a Christmas present, but have not gotten around to reading it. This inspires me to pull it off of my bookshelf and crack it open. Thanks so much for sharing. It's always nice to hear other people's opinions on books.