Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My sink runneth over OR taking the plunge

Rain, rain and more rain! Oh, and if it’s not rain, it’s snow! Here at the hellhole, we have a serious drainage problem. Our yard lies in a low area and that, coupled with the SERIOUSLY poor septic tank installation means we got us some bad drain mojo!! So, while cleaning up the pots and hand washable things today, I had to stop and wait at intervals while the sink emptied. Then, I had the ridiculous idea to turn on the dishwasher to get the rest of the dishes clean. I put the soap in, turn it on and leave the room. After the initial wash cycle, I hear the dishy ( my pet name for the dishwasher)start to rinse and drain. I hear the scary sound of water backing up the drain, choking and gurgling back up into the sinks!!! I run into the kitchen and pull the handle of the dishy to temporarily stop it and take out my handy dandy sink plunger. Yes, for years I needed a sink plunger, wished I had a sink plunger, shoulda had a sink plunger but, unfortunately, did not! Well, I take my pet sink plunger and stop up the left side sink and plunge at the right side. Some of the hot disgusting water goes down. I plunge some more, more goes down. It takes four separate plunges but all the water is gone. I turn the dishy on again, keeping my ear cocked for the next rinse cycle. A few minutes later, I hear it-the strangled sound of the sink backing up. Run into the kitchen, and repeat the whole plunging scene again! it's a glamorous life i live...

today i am grateful for:

1. the invention of the sink plunger

2. a good working heating unit on a cold rainy day

3. two year olds who actually ENJOY matching socks......YES!!!!!!!

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