Tuesday, February 16, 2010

the mouse-capades

last fall, we had a mouse problem. every time i went out to get the pet food, there were mice snacking and playing in it. and not just your every day, yucky, dirty mice. these were the cutest little bitty mice i had ever seen! and there were always more than one at a time. in the past, when i would see one, it would be all alone- snacking and playing by itself.
so here were these darling little mouse babies and i still had to feed my dog and cats. of course, i was not going to stick my hand in there, no matter how cute they looked terrified, staring up at me!
here was a job for hubby!!! i told him i didn't want to hurt the mice, just get them out of there. so after giving it a minute of thought, he went and got the hose from the shop vac. he stuck one end into the dog food bin and the other outside on the ground. it took a very short time, but then , as we watched, here came three mice up through the tube, looking quite happy to be out! how simple was that?!! the man is a genius!!!
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so, i was remembering the mouse episode when i came across this video.
follow the link and enjoy!


i am grateful for:
1. bilbo's ingenuity
2. cheese
3. t.willie took a THREE hour nap today! yay!!!


  1. We've just been pulling mouse nests and"organic matter" out of our ceiling, no mice yet, though!

  2. Oh, and I am grateful for shop-vacs!