Thursday, February 11, 2010

A real Wash-out

so, ok, if you’ve been following along, (and surely you can follow three days worth of posts!), you will know of our water/drainage problems. Not only are our sink drains affected, but so are the washer and the toilet (which is another story for another time!).With all the rain in the last couple weeks, I have not been able to do much laundry. I know, it breaks yer heart! As a result, a very large, scary pile has been forming in my laundry room and today I was finally able to start tackling it. This got me to thinking about the sad state of my laundry apparatus and also about the contest I have been taking part in daily. It is sponsored by Frigidaire and Save the Children. Every day you log in and click, $1 is donated to Save the Children and you are entered to win a daily prize and the grand prize of a beautiful, shiny, new, grade-A, topoftheline, super dee duper Frigidaire Affinity washer and dryer!!!! Go to . sign up and enter and if you win, I’ll kill ya!!! Hahaha I jest! No, I mean it! Really, I’ll kill ya!!! So….GOOD LUCK!!

grateful today for:

1. modern conveniences, however old and broken down they are

2. music to dance to

3. long-playing children's movies

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  1. so can i come over and do a full load of towels? i'll overload the washer and flood the carport... does that sound good? ;) i jest too!!!..........maybe