Wednesday, February 24, 2010

MILK- it does a body good?

here it is, the end of february. by now, most everyone's new years resolutions are shot all to hell. i know mine are. i had hoped this would be the year i finally ate right and got healthy. i have been trying! i've been doing all those things the experts tell us to do, such as:

1.) EXERCISE- i have heard a lot about the "wii" system and how great it is for families to get more exercise. well, we have a wii. it's connected to our t.v., we have the balance board and everything. i've done all the exhausting set up, but i have failed to lose even a pound! i don't understand it.

2.) DRINK MORE MILK- ok, this one was easy! i love milk! i have milk with my cookies. milk with my cake. milk with my candy bar. and ice cream has milk as well. but, again, i have failed to lose a pound! i'm stumped.

3.) EAT MORE FRUIT- again, an easy one, i love fruit. apples and peaches make great pies. i make sure to have mine with whipped cream, because cream is from milk and i know how important milk is. blueberries make a delicious cobbler, and served with vanilla ice cream, you are also getting that important calcium! but, once again, no weight lost.

4.) EAT CHOCOLATE- ok, call me crazy, but is this not the BEST thing to happen since sliced bread?! we are now given permission to eat chocolate- must get those antioxidants! i have dutifully eaten chocolate every day but i don't see any drop in my weight.

i have followed all this expert advice, yet there has been no improvement. in fact, i may have gained some weight, hard as that might be to believe! maybe i just haven't given it enough time. i 'll be patient and keep doing all the "right" things. surely i'll see a change by spring!

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grateful today for:
1. chocolate as an antioxidant
2. my sisters' ability for humor
3. t.willie did not suffer a concussion when he fell off the bed and conked his noggin!


  1. considering the wii is now hooked to MY tv, that may be why that hasn't worked so well for ya!!

  2. With all this dedication and determination, I'm sure you'll be size 3 in no time at all...

  3. awww, I knew you'd be grateful for me eventually!