Friday, February 19, 2010

tin roof alley

life here in the hellhole is full of surprises. today, for instance, our roof spontaneously started leaking! yeah, it was not raining, it was not snowing and had not been raining or snowing for several days. i went outside and looked at the roof. it is a fairly new red tin roof (about 5 years old, i think). there was no water on the roof at all. i even got up on a ladder and checked the gutters. i was thinking that maybe, if they were clogged and there was water stuck in there, it had somehow jumped up onto the roof! but there wasn't any water. it really had me stumped! where did the dripping water come from??
that got me thinking, we also have a bad ant problem, all the time, year round. i am constantly battling ants! so what i was thinking was, if the roof could spontaneously start leaking, then wouldn't it be cool if the ants could spontaneously combust?! like when the little suckers creep out from wherever it is that they originate, they just burst into flame and POOF! GONE!
man, the more i think about it, the more i like the idea! and ants are so tiny that it wouldn't take long and then nothing else would set fire, right?!
yeah......but then, with my luck, the roof would spontaneously start leaking and put 'em out and there they'd be, walking all over the counters again. sigh........

grateful today for:
1. very grateful the pic at the top is NOT my house!
2. my crocus's....croci? are blooming
3. it cracks me up when t.willie asks me to sing "barbara ann" as a bedtime lullaby!


  1. hmm that'd be nice if ants could do that... and that kinda looks like what suz's house could look like in a few years ;)