Friday, November 5, 2010


1. i have lost two pounds since kaye and i embarked on our gluten free/dairy free diet. unfortunately, kaye doesn't seem to be feeling any better, but i have had fewer stomach issues.
2. t.willie no longer poops in his diaper in the morning, nor does he even wear a diaper at night.
3. we are STILL getting tomatoes from our amazing plants.
4. i have already gotten bored with facebook.
5. i still haven't eaten fast food since my september 1st resolution.
6. t.w. is doing great at preschool. although he seems to be the "mean kid" of his class!

i am grateful for:
1. no more diapers and no more morning poopage!
2. colder weather and soups and hot chocolate and snow flurries
3. a warm dog at my feet


  1. Things are on the upswing at your house..even though upside down :) Good the gluten free diet is helping you, and that you've shed some pounds. Still getting 'maters is one step away from a miracle..heard about snow flurries in Canada but not your neck of the woods...maybe you're in for a long winter whilst we have a slow wet Spring. About to rain here now and I'm searching for old photographs in the closet. Go figure. Love the adventures of you guys :) Also enjoying Kind Over Matter so thanks for the link. Hugz. xoxo

  2. :-)
    Happy weekend Joanne! Gluten, fast food, and!

  3. Upbeat updates are the best kind...
    Bless you all!!