Sunday, October 31, 2010

about face!

ok, i give up!
today is a sad, sad day. today, i joined facebook. well, actually, i joined a few months ago, only so i could enter a contest on a blog. but i didn't DO facebook until today. oh, yeah, i'm in deep! i searched old friends, i added friends, i posted on my wall, i added photos, i even chatted with my best friend from high school. oh, i am hooked!

but it's cool. it's like a walk down memory lane (no pun intended, lisa!). i saw pictures of friends i grew up with, pictures of high school classmates and pictures of their siblings and family members i also knew.

so, yeah, i resisted- i scoffed at the facebook groupies. but now...well, now...i am one!

hey, look for me on facebook. maybe i'll even "friend" ya!

grateful for:
1. old friends
2. new friends
3. new obsessions


  1. Oh, you made me REALLY smile!
    Should I? Shouldn't I???? We'll see!

    ENJOY Joanne!!!

  2. Not gonna do it!!! :)
    I'm glad that you have found a pastime that you truly enjoy, though. Have fun!!
    I'll just keep selling stuff on Etsy and makin' money...

  3. Sorry I just can't like that place. Have fun though!!!

  4. I love Facebook. I get to stay in contact with lots of relatives and see their pictures that I would never otherwise see. but it can be kind of time consuming. I try to limit it. :-) I feel like I just stuttered :-). get it 'limit it' ....never mind

  5. jerd, you should do somrthing about that speech problem!

  6. Hmmm...I joined Facebook a couple months ago and saw some of Sid's rellies online, pix, et cetera, but I don't get the fuss...maybe I'm not as "Modern" as I thought! LOL Does it help that I tweet too? *grin* SOOOO happy to have my comments back!