Friday, November 26, 2010

good food was had by all

thanksgiving. what can ya say that hasn't already been said? it is a great american holiday (although i know canada has a thanksgiving). our holiday consisted of LOTS of food and family camaraderie. it was mom, dad, me, bilbo, elle, kaye and her friend misty and her two kids and t.willie.

we have this vintage set of turkey dishes from my mom's aunt and uncle. they had always hosted thanksgiving when we were growing up, and those dishes were something special to me. it would simply not be the same holiday without them! well, as big as those plates are, they were not big enough yesterday!!

here is a shot of my plate before i dug in!

i, myself, had made corn casserole, green beans with mushrooms, crock pot sweet potatoes, pineapple casserole (a family tradition), two pumpkin pies, pecan cranberry pie and a flourless chocolate cake. mom made turkey with stuffing, gravy, ham, a ginormous bowl of mashed potatoes, creamed onions, and cranberry relish. there was also cole slaw, olives, crescent rolls and rye bread. and misty brought an awesome broccoli casserole. oh yeah, we ate BIG TIME!

the three kids had their own table in the living room (in front of the tv). it's safe to say that they were the reason behind the dog having a full bowl after dinner. kids just never seem to eat much at big meals like this. i think all t.w. ate was his roll, the boy loves his bread!

bilbo about to chow down

oh, we were so stuffed! i hope you all had a great day too.

grateful for:
1. family
2. friends
3. dessert


  1. Hi Joanne I got hungry just reading this! I am glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. I love family dinners too, and here Hanuka is coming up and we will have one next week with the second candle lighting.
    Did T.W. like my story? I can see he is well again, that is good!!!

  2. LOL - I was looking at your plate and my hubby was asking what each thing was!!! I think he just went to get some leftovers - you made him hungry!!! We have the boy's girlfriends this year and that is a first!!

  3. What fun!! All looks outstanding :)

  4. WOW!!! Surely looks like you all feasted well :) Thanksgiving is a lovely tradition...we don't have it here though. I'm so glad that you all got together to celebrate and enjoy each other as well as the magnificent food. Thanks be.

  5. what a wonderful plate of goodies.. it looks so yummy. Celebrating with family is a wonderful way to spend the holidays. blessings

  6. Happy belated Thanksgiving! :)