Monday, September 6, 2010

good tidings of great joy...

...on this most auspicious of labor day holidays!

it is a beautiful day here at the hellhole and a cook-out is planned for later. that, followed by the gift exchange and an egg hunt, the usual labor day festivities, i guess. hahaha

i wanted to take this time to tell ya'll about my september month resolution. i have vowed to go the whole month- 30 days- fast-food free. yes, i know there are some of you who do not partake in such junky eating, but i do. oh, i do!

this summer, sonic drive-in had a buy one get one free shake special. we did indeed take advantage of this phenomenon...many times! i LOVE their peanut butter fudge shake, mmmmmmmmm!

and mcdonald's bacon egg and cheese (death) biscuit is another favorite. and it's also just too easy to grab some quick dollar menu junk when out shopping and running around.

i know, i know, i should know better! and i DO. i am actually quite knowledgeable about health and nutrition AND i am also overweight. so, yeah, i should know better!

starting NOW- well, starting september first-
i did/do hearby vow and swear that i, aurorafedora/joannadanna, will not partake of and will turn down all items of food categorized as fast food til death we will part, for liberty and justice for all. amen. so mote it be!

there. i said it. now you all know and maybe after these thirty days, i will
a) save money
b) feel better
c) lose weight
d) want to continue into the next month and the next month and so on

so...wish me luck and willpower!!

1. that food is so bountiful as to make me overweight
2. that my stomach issues can be the motivation to eat more healthfully
3. that i have the knowledge to help me stop a bad habit
* how's that for turning negatives into positives?!!*


  1. Luck and Willpower to you!!!!!!!!!! I think it is a very very good thing to do.

  2. Lol, "bacon egg and cheese death biscuit.." You should know by the name that's not good for you!!

  3. You crack me up!!
    That doesn't include Sonic's java chillers, right???

  4. You can do it Joanne! There is nothing to be afraid! You are not quitting food, you are just quitting junk food! I wish you strength to stand with your decision!

  5. HOORAY FOR JO!!!! You can do it :)I am just blessed we don't yet have "death biscuits " here in Oz yet! LOL More power to resolute chicks!!!

  6. I'm cracking up - I too should make such a vow, as I am a lover of junk & fast food offerings. (We don't have a Sonic anywhere near us, and that is a good thing!)
    Good luck Joanne! email is up girl?