Monday, October 18, 2010

miraculous multiplying 'maters

it's october, right? and here in middle tennessee, it is fall. you know fall, where plants begin to die off and leaves change color and fall? when the weather gets cooler and nights are chilly? okay, so we all understand about fall.

but here's the thing-my tomato plants are still producing flowers and tomatoes. and they still taste good and sweet.

just ask this guy:
t.willie will eat all the ripe cherry maters we pull off in a day.

and this dude:yeah, we finally had to block off the tomato portion of the garden because buster will stand there and eat all the tomatoes he can reach! he's a freak.

my little pepper plant is also still growing peppers, it's really weird. my guess is because the garden is enclosed in this sorta courtyard area.

and the plants sit snugly against the shed wall basking in the direct sun most of the day. they are very happy even with all the grass and weeds that i have allowed to grow up around them. i am a very lax gardener once the summer temps get over the mid 80's.

but the plants don't hold it against me.

1. for fresh tomatoes in october
2. for my youngest daughter, elle, who turned 24 yesterday
3. for the corned beef and cabbage she requested for her birthday dinner-YUM


  1. WOOHOO!!! i made it in the blog!! i'm a celebrity!!!

  2. Amazing! I pulled up my plants weeks ago because they were dried up and done producing. You are truly a master gardener!!

  3. thank you so much for visiting my blog... just returned from a trip to Tennessee.. have to say I truly love your state.. so beautiful... think I may have to visit even after my daughter and son in law are stationed elsewhere...

  4. I had a Boxer dog once who ate tomatoes and oranges...not together! Love that your 'maters are happy and still producing. What are you feeding them? Great pix, loved the post :)

  5. BTW, did I mention how much I adore corned beef and cabbage? Mother's milch to this Celtic heritaged lass!