Tuesday, November 2, 2010

the appliance reliance defiance alliance

okay, i know that man has come a long way since the discovery of fire and the cooking of food over a flame. and, yes, i do think we are in a better place than our ancestors, those brave souls who traveled by covered wagon over treacherous terrain, to begin a new life.

like an episode of little house on the prairie, those pioneers had to endure long, tedious days. days on end of cutting wood, making a fire and tending it, growing food, preparing food, cleaning up with water brought from a water source a long distance away, that had to be heated over that same fire. okay, i know all that, i appreciate all the improvements and comforts of modern life. i do.

but ya know, sometimes those modern conveniences can just turn around and kick us in the ass, so to speak. yeah, you KNOW what i mean! like, for instance, since april, we at the ole hellhole have had to replace:

a) our washer
b) our dryer
c) our hot water heater
d) our vacuum
and now
e) our freezer

WTF??!! i feel there is a time we just have to stand up and say "holy mother of elvis, i've had enough and i'm not gonna take it anymore!!!" yeah, yeah, that's right, i'm mad as hell and i'm not gonna take it anymore! can i get a HELL YEAH?? who's with me??

if you would like to join me in the appliance reliance defiance alliance, leave a comment and i will forward it to your congressman. thank you and good day.

i'm aurorafedora and i approve this message.


  1. Hmmm, you hardly seem grateful at all today. I'll get you started-
    1. grateful for the linguistic ability to express my strong emotions
    2. grateful for sisters that obediently read my rants

  2. Holy mother of Elvis???? I'm laughing so hard at you (and at Lor) that I have a belly ache.
    How's your stove working? Your fridge?

    Sign me up...

  3. Oh gawd, poor gal has flipped out...LOL No wonder you're frustrated though Jo; I thought bad things only happened in threes and here's you having an appliance meltdown! Write to the Governor, your Senator, the President and anyone else you can think of and be grateful your computer's still alive :) Here's a "HELL YEAH" to go on with. Definitely an appliance revolution at the hellhole; fingers crossed, it ends now!

  4. Oh dear, calm down! It's annoying, but it's nothing really, just annoying, but not REAL troubles!
    Here I give you a BIG hug!!! And another one! And another one!! And a smile and a back rub!
    Feel better?? :-)

  5. Well, you know words have power and there's power in a name - so if you call it the 'Hellhole' well, things like this are bound to keep happening. Just saying.

  6. ah, well, the hearst castle was already taken...

  7. The Hearst Castle used to be named "La Cuesta Encantada" ("The Enchanted Hill"), so you could always go with 'The Enchanted Valley' or maybe 'The Enchanted Hole' in your case!!! LOL!!!

  8. I love the sound of "The Enchanted Hole." Time for a name change!