Thursday, October 21, 2010

hear ye! hear ye!

so, this is how my mornings usually begin:

i'm in bed, it's early, it's dark, i'm sound asleep. suddenly, i am awakened by a cheerfully loud little voice announcing a) "it's sunny!" or b) "it's byooful day out!" or C) "i'm poopy!"

ah, the sounds of morning. t.w. has no reverence for another person's sleep. he has always been a kid who wakes up ready to go. even as an infant, he never cried upon waking. he would just lay in his crib and gurgle. as he got older, he would babble, play and laugh or sing to himself. we'd never know when he woke up until we listened at his door. a truly strange kid!

now, as soon as he gets up, he requests his "special milk"-a cup of (very slightly) chocolate milk. he takes it to the living room where he chills out in the recliner and watches kipper or spot. when he sees me about to take the dog out, he jumps up to "help" me. soon after, he is ready for breakfast. most often he wants oatmeal. he insists on choosing a packet out of the box. he doesn't really know what flavor he is choosing, but it doesn't really matter because he likes 'em all. the boy LOVES his oatmeal!

after breakfast, the day is a blur of little boy activity. he keeps this grandma on her toes. by his bedtime, i am really ready for sleep......sleep....sleep......sleeeeeeep........slee......"GAMMIE, I"M POOPY!!!!!"

1. for full moons
2. for gluten free pancake mix
3. for that little boy


  1. With that boy to start your days, they are all "good mornings"!!

  2. So good that this wonderful little boy will always be loved and protected by his family!
    I wish every child in the world would have that!
    Have a byooful day gammie!

  3. We should all wake up like that!!!! Imagine for a moment - opening our eyes as we wake, grinning and saying "its a byooful day". Hey I may try that tomorrow just to see what happens!!

  4. Sounds divine! Those really sweet fun years are so fleeting. I'm clinging on desperately to the remnants of those days. Enjoy that little guy!
    Thanks for sending your pal Susan to my blog and for your awesome, day-making comments :)

  5. jerd, you don't get to choose, silly!

  6. Could he BE a more delightful child? Let's face it, he'a a honey and so is his gammie :) Love hearing about adventures in choc milk and oatmeal, but wish gammie could get some sleep too. What a way to wake up:"I'm poopy!" My boy is 36 today and I wish he was still 3 :) Sigh.