Monday, October 11, 2010

gluten- we won't tolerate it!

now, i know tolerance is usually a good thing. but i have suspected for some time now, that kaye's stomach/nausea problems stem from a food allergy-possibly gluten. she has been checked for EVERY other stomach and digestive disorder by many doctors. they have basically found no reason for her problems besides anxiety.

that said, we are now embarking on a gluten free adventure. the more i read about celiac disease and gluten intolerance, the more i found that i had many of the symptoms as well. so kaye and i are both going gluten free for one month to see if it makes any difference. i suspect that we may have to cut out dairy products also. sad faces here, we both LOVE cheese!!!

but if that's what it takes for my oldest gal to live a normal life free of pain, then that's what it takes! i would be most grateful for any tips, advice and information that anyone may have for this lifestyle. i know this will be difficult, but in the words of the little engine that could-
i think i can, i think i can, i think i can.....

1. that there are many naturally gluten free foods
2. that gluten free pretzels exist- not bad, not bad at all!
3. that a change in diet may possibly cure kaye


  1. Sorry I have no advice to offer but wish you good luck with your new plan and hope you gals are feeling better!
    (You are welcome to send all your spare cheese up here ;)

  2. I am SO hoping this will help... That little boy needs a happy, healthy mama (and I need a happy, healthy grandaughter). :)
    PS: Ditto on the cheese!

  3. Hi Joanne, there is a lot of information on a gluten free diet on the Internet, just type this into google search. It is relatively easy to rule out basic food, like bread and pasta and so on - your real enemies are the food additives used for flavoring. So you have to get used to read labels, labels, labels. there can be gluten in any thing, like soup powder and cereal. There are many other grains which are gluten free and you can eat, as well as starches - I hope you like potato! And surely there are cheeses you may eat, like cheddar. I also think that a trial of one month is not enough, I would give it more time for the intestine to heal.
    I wish you both success, if you really allergic to gluten, this could be the end of your problems!


  5. thanks yael, i'll check out that site.

  6. Kaye looks so wistfully pretty in these gorgeous pix with t.willie. I hope you guys can get to the bottom of it all; I have IBS and that's sure no fun. Love and BIG hugs to you all and will look for useful links to save you time :) xoxoxo

  7. Good luck to you on your trial. It sounds odd to say that I hope that not eating stuff works, but I understand the frustration of not knowing what makes someone hurt.

    I think with time you'll find your favorites, but we LOVE Udi's bread (in the frozen section of natural stores). Ms. Leepers pasta is the kids fav gluten free pasta. The Gluten Free Girl blog was a big help to me when I first started baking gluten free for my husband.

  8. hi! thanks for stopping by my blog -- eating gluten free isn't too bad! it just takes a little time I found to get used to it, and know what has gluten & what doesn't - for example, soy sauce & many modified food starches have wheat...

    also - my sister has celiac, and had issues with dairy/lactose, and she found that after going gluten free she was able to eat dairy again... so there's hope! ;)

    luckily it's a lot easier to find gluten free products lately - but check out my site - I've sample almost every GF product out there. Good luck! I hope going GF solves a lot of problems for you - it REALLY did for me, and I actually found that after 3 months was when I started to feel best.


  9. Since you've found my blog, I hope you'll take a look around and use the tip sheets on the side to find meal ideas for real food that's naturally gluten free, listings of mainstream processed foods, dessert ideas, pantry ideas, etc. It sounds like you have a good attitude and approach. I will caution you and tell you that a month is really not a fair amount of time to see if the gf diet is working though. It can take several months before progress is clear. For me, I got worse before I got better from the gluten detox effects. Also, I wanted to point out that if there's wheat in a product, it must be shown on the label. Read the entire label; i.e., ingredients and the Contains: listing at the end. That only leaves barley, rye, and oats to worry about. Barley is labeled by most manufacturers now. Just remember that barley can be shown as malt, malt flavoring, barley malt, malted barley, and so on. All off limits though. Rye is in nothing except rye bread (and rye whiskey, but that's safe from distillation removing gluten). Last, there are oats. Oats are only gluten free if certified as such. I go for oats that have been certified by the GFCO to less than 10 ppm. Don't hesitate to ask questions! Best of luck,