Tuesday, August 17, 2010

they grow up so fast (sniff sniff)

big day today- t.willie's first day of preschool. he was pretty excited but nothing like i was! seriously, this grandma needed some time off!

we bought all the supplies the school requested, the nap mat, the lunch box and he was ready to go...several weeks ago. it took him a while to understand "school would start SOON."

he'd ask "when i go to school, gammie?"

last night, he saw me packing up his set of extra clothes for "emergencies", and asked me what i was doing. i told him they were his extra clothes for school. he thought about that for a few seconds then started running down the hallway as he said "i better get my mat and bwanket!"

so you would think the excitement would have carried over to this morning, but NOOOOO!

first, he woke up too early, so that he was whiney about an hour after he got up. then, he refused to actually eat his breakfast, refused to wear what had been chosen for him- choosing instead, this bathing suit and ball cap ensemble. then he stalled when i said it was time to go.

so i get him in the car, we arrive at school, and he sees all the other kids. he did look pretty interested...until we were about to go through the gate to the preschool area. he stopped short and told me "i'm not going in dare." well, it was early, i didn't push it. i let him walk around a bit and peek into the windows that looked into the basement-level rooms. when it was time to go in, i actually had to carry him because he was quickly moving in the opposite direction.

once inside his room, he realized that was the window we had looked into. he didn't pay any attention to his teacher, ms. fannie, just checked out all the toys. as a couple more kids arrived, i thought he seemed to be relaxing a bit. so i took my cue from a mom who was kissing her boy good bye, to go. he kissed me, barely even looking at me, and that was it! he was totally fine- that's our boy!

1. that t.w.'s first day went smoothly
2. that you can still find a preschool for $10 a day
3. that i will have two days a week to do what i want


  1. He's growing up way too fast...
    He sure does look happy, though. Great photos, Gammie!!

  2. This little boy just started a new phase in his life. Congratulations sweet t.w.! Have fun and enjoy! And you Joanne celebrate your free time!

  3. Wow that was a nice story to read. I was wondering how he would do and it seems he took to it like a pro!!! Yay for your two free days too!!! You deserve them.

  4. So happy it well for you. What a stressful day that it is for kids, but especially the grown ups that bring them there! Enjoy your time!!