Tuesday, November 30, 2010

sometimes he drives me crazy

this guy!

and sometimes he just drives crazy! bilbo that is.

i was thinking about his driving skills this morning as i kissed him good bye. rain was pouring down like crazy and i told him to drive carefully. he answered "i will, i'm not a maniac! well, sex maniac, maybe!" ha! true 'nuff! (wink wink)

but when he said the word maniac, it reminded me of a trip we took to the airport one time. because maniac applied to his driving on this wild ride!! my aunt was going to new jersey and we had volunteered to take her. but for some reason, we were running late. i don't remember why... anyway, bilbo drove like a bat outta hell down the interstate, swerving in and around other cars. speeding up, slowing down suddenly, speeding up again. my aunt and i were hanging on with white knuckles and faces tight with anxiety. it didn't help that there was some sort of detour and we had to drive through a town bilbo was not familiar with. as he was doing his evil knievel driving, he was also on his cell phone with a friend getting alternate directions to the airport.

it was inevitable that, given my peanut-sized bladder and the hour and a half long trip, i would need a rest stop. inevitable. anyone that knows anything about me knows i can be counted on to need the use of the facilities on any and all car trips. but the challenge of getting to the airport in time for auntie's flight and taking an unfamiliar route took it's toll. bilbo zoomed into a seedy gas station. i raced in, did my thing and raced back to the car looking sheepish for my unstable bladder, knowing i had held us back a few minutes.

so after more crazy driving, we arrived at the airport, pulled up front and aunt fran ran in to check on her flight. bilbo ran after her with her luggage and i waited in the car. a few minutes later, here they both come walking slowly and calmly out of the airport doors. bilbo still carrying the luggage. they get back in the car and fran says, "i missed the flight by eight minutes." yes, you guessed it, the exact time my pee stop had taken. it was ALL my fault!

so, driving much more leisurely, we left the airport to go eat somewhere. the next flight was an hour or so later. we felt a little disappointed but fran and i started talking about the "ride from hell" we had just been on. we were laughing and teasing bilbo, and at one point, aunt fran said "i'm not even catholic but i was chanting a rosary!!" and i said "yeah, i was praying to any and all gods that would listen to just let us survive the trip!" bilbo was just shaking his head and reminded us that if it weren't for my bladder, he would have gotten us there on time.

and he was right. he is actually a very skilled and quick-thinking driver, having honed his driving skills growing up at the jersey shore. that, and having to travel long distances at times, for his job. there have been many times while we were traveling on the interstates, that other drivers would have caused an accident if not for bilbo's quick reflexes and road knowledge. i remember one time, a big tractor trailer truck ran us off the road. he had cut right in front of us, obviously not checking his mirrors. bilbo had to swerve sharply onto the tight shoulder and swerve back onto the road after the truck had passed. it was a very terrifying moment and afterwards, it took us some time to get our breath back and for our hearts to beat normally.

it is at times like that, that i thank my lucky stars for the "crazy" driver next to me. he can take me to the airport anytime!

1. obviously, for my crazy-driving hubby
2. for the great thanksgiving holiday our family had
3. for friends old and new


  1. I was holding on white knuckled while I read your post!!! And yes if you can drive in Jersey (Joyzee) or New York (New Yalk) you can drive ANYWHERE!!! Zoom zoom.

  2. Just another adventure, huh? Glad I wasn't part of that one... :)

  3. Sounds like you got a keeper there Joanne - he's been trained well!!

  4. More adventures means a life well filled. Not sure about the white knuckle aspects though! LOL Gotta love Bilbo though...I take it he loves to fish?

  5. p.s. I loved the graphic of the turtle and the snail...maniac is sucha good word! LOL Hugs to you and your loved ones xoxo

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